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Mortgage Fulfillment Onboarding: What Happens After the Contract is Signed?

2021-02-26T04:52:15+00:00September 18th, 2019|

Making the decision to outsource mortgage fulfillment and deliver the digital lending experience your customers demand is a pivotal step. And, it’s followed by an equally important one: Getting new solutions on board seamlessly and methodically while your business drives forward without a hitch or hiccup. The vendor onboarding process at Promontory MortgagePath isn’t simply a matter of grafting new technology and processes onto your existing systems and methods. Complex solutions require sophisticated implementation plans. A well-organized, transparent, and collaborative approach is crucial to a seamless and successful implementation. Oue Service Delivery Team members are your partners every step of the way, with a shared goal of ensuring a smooth and productive transition. We understand the stakes are high in any operational implementation, and no two transitions are ever alike. From the start, you can expect a clear project outline including key milestones and deliverables. But, “onboarding” is not synonymous