Say 'Hello' to the New Promontory MortgagePath

Where there is growth, change is inevitable. At Promontory MortgagePath LLC, we're expanding and evolving ? and now we're consolidating our family of businesses under a unified brand. As the new Promontory MortgagePath, we're integrating our three powerhouse teams into one, marking a milestone in our journey to make the mortgage process faster, simpler and more inclusive for all borrowers and lenders. Since our inception, clients have known Promontory Fulfillment Services as a provider of comprehensive mortgage fulfillment services and PromonTech as the developer of the innovative lending technology fueling Promontory Fulfillment Services' premium customer experience. As the parent company, Promontory MortgagePath concentrated on leadership and strategy.Officially unifying Promontory Fulfillment Services and PromonTech as Promontory MortgagePath strengthens our ability to better address today?'s fast-moving mortgage marketplace. Competitive pressures have never been greater: Customers demand mortgage services from their local financial institutions, and these institutions see mortgages as a powerful link to customers ? yet the cost of originating loans has been marching steadily higher. As Promontory MortgagePath, we are better positioned to provide lenders with best-in-class, tech-enabled mortgage fulfillment services that improve the borrower experience and ensure regulatory compliance while lowering origination costs.Here?'s what?'s not changing: Our laser focus on helping clients, especially community lenders, deliver a flawless ? and profitable ? lending experience to their customers. For larger lenders, we remain committed to helping them quickly respond to increased volume or activate specialty products to meet shifting market conditions; and for investors, to providing in-depth loan-file inspection prior to purchase and instilling confidence in their portfolio investments.In working with our clients to drive down the cost and time required to originate a mortgage, we tailor our solutions to the needs of individual financial companies. Inspired by our founder, financial services industry visionary Gene Ludwig, we pledge to deliver a better, lower-cost, more compliant mortgage from start to finish.Our story is rooted in Gene?'s renowned commitment to excellence in compliance and risk management and his unparalleled track record of helping financial companies resolve pressing challenges. As a former federal regulator, banker, and U.S. comptroller of the currency, Gene poured his banking regulation, risk management and fiscal policy expertise into establishing Promontory Financial Group and Promontory Interfinancial Network. Gene brought the same visionary leadership and dedication to the mortgage industry when he founded Promontory MortgagePath, Promontory Fulfillment Services and PromonTech in 2015.As companies in today?'s rapidly accelerating lending environment seek ways to compete efficiently and profitably in mortgage lending, Promontory MortgagePath can help light their path and lighten their workload. Our lighthouse is a beacon of FinTech and regulatory expertise for clients operating in the financial services industry?'s complex and turbulent waters ? a symbol of certainty and guidance. And we know that in such a turbulent environment, there is no substitute for the world-class risk management and regulatory compliance that is at the core of Promontory MortgagePath?'s value propositionOur new brand reflects our commitment to continually enhance the mortgage process. Like our clients, we recognize the imperative to meet rapidly-evolving customer expectations. Our goal in joining Promontory Fulfillment Services and PromonTech together under a single brand is to ensure Promontory MortgagePath can innovate even faster and flawlessly execute ? to the benefit of our clients and their customers.

January 15, 2019
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