Mortgage Fulfillment Onboarding: What Happens After the Contract is Signed?

Making the decision to outsource mortgage fulfillment and deliver the digital lending experience your customers demand is a pivotal step. And, it’s followed by an equally important one: Getting new solutions on board seamlessly and methodically while your business drives forward without a hitch or hiccup.

The vendor onboarding process at Promontory MortgagePath isn’t simply a matter of grafting new technology and processes onto your existing systems and methods. Complex solutions require sophisticated implementation plans. A well-organized, transparent, and collaborative approach is crucial to a seamless and successful implementation. Oue Service Delivery Team members are your partners every step of the way, with a shared goal of ensuring a smooth and productive transition. We understand the stakes are high in any operational implementation, and no two transitions are ever alike.

From the start, you can expect a clear project outline including key milestones and deliverables. But, “onboarding” is not synonymous with “creating a project plan.” The onboarding process is dynamic, involving extensive interaction between our team and yours as we work together to create new processes, change existing ones, and collaborate to deliver on items for which both teams are accountable.

Every Promontory MortgagePath Service Delivery project team includes a project manager, implementation specialist, and mortgage-, compliance-, technology- and underwriting subject-matter experts. This dedicated team works with you throughout the entire project life cycle, from training to implementation, production support and governance.


The first step in our onboarding process is a Welcome Call, during which we’ll introduce the Promontory MortgagePath project team, review our process flow and provide initial access to your customized Implementation Portal. Here, we’ll ask you to complete questionnaires around your current processes and technology, arming us with as much information as possible for the next major onboarding event – the on-site kick off.

While on site, we become more acquainted with your project team, jointly review your questionnaire responses to ensure an in-depth understanding of your current practices, review additional project tools, and start to define specific action items. These initial discussions enable our project team to finalize all project requirements and deliverables, accessible via your Implementation Portal. This will become your single access point for all materials related to your implementation, including project tracking, resources, and more.

Then, it’s on to the heart of the project: Systematically working through every detail of your point-of-sale and fulfillment implementation project plan. During the implementation phase, peers on both sides of the table are collaborating day in, day out. Our project lead and yours work in concert daily to ensure milestones are being met. In addition, both project teams come together for weekly meetings to check in on assigned action items, provide updates, and answer outstanding questions as a collective group.

The implementation phase offers you the opportunity to “get in the sandbox” and try out the new processes that will transform your lending business prior to going live. We deliver a staging environment where key team members familiarize themselves with the platform and undergo user training. This “train-the-trainer” approach generates a set of user guides and documentation and ensures you develop in-house product expertise. Our team continues to provide training support and assistance during rollout and throughout the duration of your implementation.

Transformational change is never easy. But, with a methodical plan and communicative, transparent practices, we can successfully onboard and build a true, ongoing partnership.

Using this structured, collaborative approach has ensured onboarding success for lenders of all types and business models. Our digitally-driven implementation processes recently enabled a client’s confident re-entry into the mortgage market in less-than five month’s time, including introducing over 50 newly-licensed loan officers to new processes, point-of-sale technology and in-app efficiency tools. Additional training was provided to the teams to ensure they were fully prepared and armed with the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful while working with consumers.

Our Service Delivery Team, with its deep commitment to best-in-class service delivery, works hand-in-hand, identifying problems and devising solutions alongside your team. By the time implementation occurs, everyone is prepared and eager to begin realizing the benefits of our mutually-beneficial partnership.

Learn more about what our onboarding process might look like for your organization by sending us a message.

September 18, 2019
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