From a Big Bank to a Tech Startup: Four Noticeable Differences

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I worked at one of the largest national banks for 18 years when I knew it was time for a change. While I amassed an incredible amount of knowledge working alongside brilliant mortgage minds, I woke up wanting more. My career in banking was an accident – it wasn’t my passion. I longed to channel my expertise into a role that put me in the proverbial “driver’s seat.” As I began exploring different options across the country, a Denver-area recruiter reached out with an opportunity at a mature startup. After nearly two decades in big-bank corporate culture, transitioning to a startup never really occurred to me – trading stability and certainty for unpredictability and greater responsibility. I was intrigued and, with my family in tow, moved across the country to start life as a Promontory MortgagePath employee. As one might expect, startup life is notably different than corporate life. After