Why Technology Firms Should Hire Liberal Arts Majors

2020-10-29T15:42:32+00:00September 10th, 2020|

Why Technology Firms Should Hire Liberal Arts Majors As companies, individuals and jobseekers from different industries and walks of life virtually converge for Denver Startup Week, many may [incorrectly] assume a lack of tech-driven experience may limit their attractiveness to tech startups. But, sometimes the most unconventional pairings – such as a technology company and a liberal arts major – can make for stellar partnerships.So many times, people look at technology companies and assume only those with a background or major in computer science or engineering get hired. That line of thinking is both incorrect and potentially detrimental for both the company and the jobseeker. Not only do tech-focused companies need skilled people in non-tech roles – think sales, marketing, client services, human resources – but hiring individuals with varied backgrounds, perspectives and personalities fosters creativity, growth and ingenuity.Let’s look specifically at why tech companies should seek out