Borrower Wallet®

Accelerate your mortgage business and technology at the same pace

Ongoing tech innovation, without your ongoing investment. Our point-of-sale technology delivers an intuitive and collaborative experience – across any device – for your borrowers and your loan officers.

Effortless Document Collection

Borrower Wallet® automates document collection, making it efficient and scalable. By providing a secure digital portal to collect and store important loan documents, it ensures borrower documents are easily accessible – from anywhere.

User-First Design

Borrower Wallet® puts the user first with design based on extensive user testing. Our easy-to-navigate platform empowers borrowers to be active participants while positioning loan officers as their trusted advisors.

Borrower Clarity

Avoid borrower confusion. With real-time status updates, our transparent process keeps borrowers informed and encourages participation – ultimately resulting in a superior user experience.

Easy For Your Borrowers – And Your LOs

  • Pipeline Management
  • Need to know which loans require attention? The Dashboard lets your loan officers track every loan and action item in real time, in one place – no system-jumping required.
  • Order Up
  • Ready to order? Your loan officers can place third-party-services orders directly from their portal.
  • Dynamic Collaboration – At Your Fingertips
  • Build better relationships directly in the app. Loan officers can co-pilot the application – sharing screens with the borrower and working through the process together, virtually.

Master Your Mortgage Business

With Borrower Wallet®, managers and enterprise executives have essential insights at their fingertips, making it easier to manage borrowers, loan officers and your mortgage business.

  • Interactive Loan Monitoring
  • At-a-glance loan monitoring lets you easily track loan movement, volume, and quality.
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Manage your borrowers and loan officers in real time. Detailed productivity reporting helps you see exactly how your people – and your business – are performing.
  • Streamlined Loan Allocation
  • Master your lead routing. Match new borrowers with the loan officers who have the capacity to keep your business moving forward.

Included Integrations

We partner with the industry-leading providers required to support the operating model, delivering best-in-class solutions that readily integrate into and enrich existing processes and workflows.

The Borrower Wallet® Platform

Bigger Data

Perfected Qualifying Data® facilitates the selection and presentation of the best known data at every point of the loan decision process. Perfected Qualifying Data drives data lineage and compliance by providing contextual data, telling the complete story of a decision.

Compliant: From Start to Finish

Built by mortgage-industry experts, Borrower Wallet’s® workflow approach anticipates loan-level compliance requirements while its integrated income-calculation engine – IncomeAI® – creates a path to auditable, more-compliant credit decisions. Analyzed, aggregated and secure data keeps clients exam-ready.

Revolutionary Tech

Our event stack tracks the fine-grained details of a loan’s journey through the origination process – telling a time-ordered story, providing an implicit audit trail and supporting robust reporting and analytics capabilities.