The Front-end Software Engineer is responsible for the user interface of our service. Their primary focus will be to contribute to the implementation of user interfaces in the form of mobile and desktop web applications, with a focus on performance and responsive design. Their main duties will include creating modules and components and coupling them together into a functional app. The artistic design will be delivered, together with a few HTML templates, but we will ask for their help in regard to animations, CSS, and final HTML output. They will work in a team with the back-end developers to determine API contracts as well as communicate with the REST API using standard protocols, such as HTTP and websockets. A thorough understanding of all of the components of our platform and infrastructure is required.



  • Contribute to the development of mobile and web applications
  • Ensuring high performance on desktop and mobile platforms
  • Writing tested, idiomatic and sufficiently documented JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS
  • Coordinating workflow between designers and HTML coders
  • Working with backend developers in defining and integration with RESTful API
  • Support product development by translating business requirements into visually workable designs
  • Work cross-functionally with subject matter experts, analysts, and developers to develop and refine the visual design for new products and features
  • Drive/design the customer experience for customers that reflects the look, feel and tone of the corporate brand
  • Keeps abreast of the latest digital trends and process methodologies



  • Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript 2.x, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Portfolio of dynamic user-focused designs
  • Create self-contained, reusable and testable modules and components
  • Deep knowledge of Angular best practices
  • Solid understanding of web and mobile technologies
  • Experience in building the infrastructure for serving the front-end app and assets
  • Ability to communicate complex conceptual ideas
  • Experience working in a product organization, driving design from planning to release over multiple releases
  • Experience designing for a broad set of UI platforms including web and mobile
  • Create e2e test suites for all components and running them in accordance with Protractor (or a comparable alternative)
  • High school, college or advanced degree a plus


New York

900 Third Avenue, Suite 2202

New York, NY 10022


1512 Larimer Street, Suite 325

Denver, CO 80202

Washington, DC

1300 17th Street North, Suite 750

Arlington, VA 22209

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